A Reference model first: 2011-10-12
last: 2011-11-10

The basic causes (final cause, form cause, material cause, efficient cause and the value cause) can be considered as somehow, somewhere being in the mind as essential elements in the artifact design process. With:

The material of the material cause means: that what can be used to realize the form and the function (final cause)


The form of the form cause can be defined as how the material can be used to reach the goal, (final cause, the intended use of the artifact)

 As indicated in apendix 3 material can also be a virtual design element as a subsystem in a larger configuration.

It should be noted that the final-, form-, material, and efficient cause here are used only as causes in cognitive action processes. This is a much restricted use than Aristotle's' general and metaphysical use.

As argued in the previous section tangible and intangible values play a cognitive causal role in functional artifact design.

 reference model

The various aspects of what is indicated in the reference model with communication} are usually identified under the umbrella of Social Construction of Technology (SCOT).

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