Philosophy of Technology
Philosophy of Technology


One could say in short:

There is also a historical difference between science and technology. Science can be seen as developed out of philosophy, while technology has strong roots in crafts and workmanship. The merge of workmanship and scientific knowledge brought what we now call technology.

 Traditionally philosophy of technology did not exist as a specific branch, technology probably implicit was considered as a kind of applied science not worth specific attention. Only in the last decades it is recognized that technology should be considered as a more specific field in philosophy. (More than eighty percent of the references in Philosophy of Technology and Engineering Sciences are from the last twenty years, most of these even from the last ten years)

This growing interest certainly is stimulated by the fast growing influence of technology over the last 4 decades. This also caused a much wider scope of interests. Philosophy of science is still mainly focused on epistemologicy and methodology, sociological orientations like those of Bruno Lathour form a minority and are sometimes not even considered as philosophy of science). In philosophy of technology a wide spectrum of different disciplines play a significant role such as ethics and the role and view of users and other relevant parties in what is called the Social Construction of Technology (SCOT)

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